Wednesday, May 25, 2011

World MS Day

Happy MS day to all!  I totally rocked my orange today, although I was surprised I had a stitch of orange in my closet.  Orange is just not my color.  I am a total pink girl all the way, but for my MS, I put on the orange today. I know some probably think, "why bother, it's not actually helping anyone or helping to find a cure?"  My response to that is, no of course it doesn't cure MS, but it shows  that I support the cause, it shows that I am aware, it opened up a bit of dialogue to let others know, and it serves as a reminder to me of what we are fighting.  When I saw that others followed suit and wore orange, it made me smile.  When a friend posted on my wall that she wore orange from me, it made me smile.  When another friend dressed her baby up in orange and tagged me in a photo that said "for katie", it made me smile.  It made me feel a little bit less alone today. I saw that there were people out there thinking of me and my fellow MS'ers.

It's so crazy how emotional I have been lately.  I suppose it is just a mix of the shock of the diagnosis, the physical ailments, the emotional battle of trying to deal with this and process this, being scared and anxious, and being stressed out, that is causing me to ride that emotional roller coaster   I am looking forward to this weekend, so i can relax, and regroup.  I really need some time to just relax and have fun.

I woke up  this morning feeling terrible again.  The nausea was back, along with the usual vomiting that I have been so accustomed to these last 8 months.  I didn't have the odd vomiting yesterday, but my regular old vomiting today.  The fatigue and weakness have also been present all day, and I have even had moments where my left hand was a bit tingly when I was typing.  Some other random things I have noticed is that just about every morning i wake up with numb arms.  I thought maybe I had just been sleeping on them funny, but now I'm not so sure.  I have different body parts fall asleep so easily all of the time now.  I also get these shooting sensations, not pain, that run through my legs from time to time, especially at night.  It's not pain, but just like an electric shock kind of sensation that just shoots down my legs.  It's never constant, but it drives me crazy when I am trying to sleep.  I have also been having neck pain, but I am not sure what this is attributed too.  I know I have to be careful to not blame everything on MS, and I am not, but I have no idea why it hurts.   Perhaps I am just sleeping in an awkward position, I am not sure, but I will mention it to my doctor at my next appointment.

My shot tonight was VERY painful.  I don't know if I hit a muscle or a nerve or something, but I got shooting pains down my leg.  This particular shot was in my hip/butt region, which normally seems to be one of the best places to do it.  Of course it stung, but it was also just plain painful.  It feels like it is definitely bruising.  It left a welt and a red area around it.  I have to be sure NOT to repeat that mistake again.  Oh and speaking of mistakes, guess who wasted another shot tonight?   Yep, this girl.  I forgot to take the safety cap off.  Really, I need to be more careful and actually take time, slow down, and go step by step.  I think I try to rush it a bit too much, because i am so anxious, and want to get it over with.  I just need to slow down and go step by step.

Well, I am off too bed.  I can barely keep my eyes open any longer.  Plus I want to try to get to sleep so I can get up early and workout before work.  Errr that won't happen I am sure, but I WANT it to happen right now.  I can pretty much guarantee come 5:00 am, all I will want to happen is sleep.  I hope everyone has a great night and a fabulous Thursday!



    I hope your Thursday is good. One day at a time, it is a tough battle, I know.
    Love Gail
    With hope for us all.......

  2. Nice read. I'm pulling for you!