Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Surviving and Celebrating

I hope everyone is having a great night!  My day didn't start  out the best again.  I woke up this morning, and I knew I was going to be sick. The vomiting was  ridiculous this morning.  Nonstop.  I was getting kind of frustrated because I started to think maybe I was improving with the vomiting, but of course it had to come back today.  After thinking about if for awhile, I think I maybe have just caught a bug, because it wasn't my usual morning vomiting with nausea.  It was different.  It was terrible, but I got through it, went to work, and survived the day.  I have still been extremely weak and tired, but I mean after a morning like that, I am not sure who wouldn't be worn out.  My throat was kind of sore all day from that.   Ugh.  Absolutely ick.

I fully intended to workout tonight after work, at least for maybe 30 minutes, but yeah that didn't happen.
My shot tonight went pretty well, I mean as well as a shot could go.  I doubt I will ever be thrilled to give myself a shot, but it's getting pretty routine now after 2 weeks.  The stinging is still there, but it seems to have gotten a little bit better, at least tonight.

Tomorrow is World MS day, a day that I never imagined that I would be celebrating, or even knowing about.  Even just looking back two months ago, I had no idea.  No idea that in a matter of just a month, I would be participating in such a day.  The fact of the matter is that I AM going to be celebrating this day.  Yes, I said celebrating.  Celebrating that I am here fighting this disease, and surviving.  Celebrating the fact that I have had the opportunity to give myself a fresh start.  Celebrating the fact that I have met some amazing friends in just a few weeks after being diagnosed.  Celebrating the fact that they are getting closer to a cure.  Celebrating life in general.  I have a chance, a chance to transform myself into who I want to be.  I was wrong when I said that this MS will give me an opportunity to "find myself."  It will actually give me the opportunity to CREATE myself.  Transform myself into the person I want to be.  I don't have to go searching for what I am supposed to do.  All I have to do is create my life, and do what I WANT to do.

I am inspired by so many people tonight.  I am  inspired by all of the wonderful people that I have met on the MS FB site, who are fighting every day and surviving.

So, I will do it tomorrow.  I will participate.  I will wear orange proudly.  I am not proud that I was diagnosed with MS, but I AM proud that I am fighting MS.  I am not giving into it.  I am celebrating the idea that I will finally become the person I want to be despite the MS..  I am celebrating all of the new friendships I have made with amazing strong people who fight this illness everyday. It is a celebration.  Hopefully pretty soon we can have another date to celebrate...the day they find a cure to MS.

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  1. Hi such a great and inspiring post, and video :-) thanks. Have a wonderful day. It is a privilege to "fight" with you
    Love Gail