Thursday, May 19, 2011

Shots Shots Shots Shots Shots Shots Shots Shots Shots, Everybody!!!!!!!!!! Shots...

That's right, when I was preparing my shots tonight, I couldn't get the "shots" song out of my head.  I mean who doesn't think of Lil Jon when trying to take care of your health?  For good measure at the end I yelled out "Whooooooowhat????????  Yeah!  OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"  LOL  Now that is how the shared solutions nurses should teach people how to give themselves injections.

Step One:  bust out out your ipod or boombox if you are kicking it old school, and play "shots" by LMFAO ft Lil Jon
Step Two:  Wash hands
Step Three:  Apply warm compress to area
Step Four:  Clean area with alcohol wipe
Step Five:  Prepare autoinject device
Step Six:  Press play
Step Seven:  Take two shots 
Step Eight:  Rock out to "shots"
Step Nine:  Give yourself shot with autoinject
Step Ten:  Yell at the top of your lungs "Whoooowhat?   Yeah!   OK!!!!!!!!!!!!"  Then apply cold compress.

That would be Copaxone 101 according to Lil Jon.  Easy Peasy!

So tonight's shot wasn't the most pleasant experience in the world.  It was my night to do my right hip area, which I have done before, but apparently tonight, I picked the wrong spot.  I normally don't get a lot of pain when the needle actually goes in, but tonight I did.  I got shooting pains down my legs, and then the usual burning began, and lasted for about 20 minutes.  There is a bit of a welt there, and the site is red.  Hopefully it will heal tonight.  I haven't really noticed any marks in my whole 11 days on copaxone.  The sites that caused me a bit of trouble up until now are my thighs.  Both thighs hurt SO bad when I injected and left bruises.  I am sure this will all get easier over time.

Today was overall a pretty good day. Perhaps  it was that pertinent info about knowing Jerry Lewis was on my side that made all of the difference, or maybe I am just starting to adjust to things.  Yeah, who are we kidding, it HAD to be Jerry Lewis.  Seriously though, I seemed to be in a good mood all day, despite being at work, despite feeling the fatigue.  I kind of just felt at peace most of the day.  That is a GOOD feeling.  Scratch that, GREAT feeling.  I didn't even throw up this morning, which is a win in itself.  I suppose looking at the bright side of things definitely has it's advantages.  Score one for positivity!  On top of it all the weekend is here, so that means lots of relaxing time, destressing time, fun time, and reflecting time.  So hop on the positivity train as we head into the weekend!  All aboard!  Toot toot!  Yeah I'm lame as hell.  lol  In the spirit of shots...

When i walk in the club 
All eyes on me 
Im with the party rock crew 
All drinks are free 
We like ciroc 
We love patron 
we came to party rock 
Everybody its on 
Let's go 

Shots shots shots shots shots shots 
shots shots shots shots shots 
shots shots shots shots shots 

Before I go, I will leave you with this little gem...I couldn't leave you hanging

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